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heaven’s in your eyes {outfit post}

Posted on May 27, 2013

Complimentary Colors + Cheetah + Lengthy Slit= Classy With An Edge

Recently I have noticed more and more pictures on tumblr which girls generally classify as “edge-y,” but in my opinion, are simply unclassy. For example, denim panties (tinier than my bikini bottoms) paired with a studded bandeau is a typical “edgy” look, however I see that as rather tactless. When I try to pull off an outfit with an edge, I always try to follow the “cover up half,” rule. This concept simply suggests that if you decide to wear a skirt that shows off all of your leg, to cover up your chest. This also applies vice versa, if you wear a jaw-drappingly low cut shirt, pair it with some skinny jeans.


All Chest + All Booty = No No

Simple equation. Yet tough for many to follow.

This outfit also includes the starking contrast of the neon yellow and the bright blue. These colors generally look great together because they are across the color wheel from eachother. Using the color wheel when shopping is definitely a good tool to utilize when trying to color block or bring more zest to your outfit.

Lastly, topping it off with some awesome cheetah print booties is key to finishing this look off with some memorable kicks.

Nordstrom, Sam Edelman, cheetah, black, blue, skirt, fashion, photography, fashion blogger, fbloggerskirt, Nordstrom, Sam Edelman, cheetah, black, blue, fashion, photography, fbloggerTop: Hey Gorgeous! Boutique in Costa Mesa, Ca

Skirt: Hey Gorgeous! Boutique in Costa Mesa

Necklace, Belt, & Watch: Hey Gorgeous! Boutique in Costa Mesa

Sam Edelman Booties: Nordstrom (click Nordstrom to view directly)

Cheerio Loves!

Kayla D

a little late to the party

Posted on May 26, 2013

a little late to the party

Sorry guys. I am about three years late to the tumblr party. I just started one the other day. For some reason Pinterest has never stuck with me and I need to find a new social media addiction, as Instagram is becoming a wee trite. So, instead of continuing to peak over my roommate’s shoulder at her Tumblr (Sorry, Soo), I finally decided to check it out! Now you can see more of my inspiration and the random things that my brain tends to gravitate to. Now back to Saturday Night Live. Peaceeee.

Oh, and here is the lovely little link: Rather Cheeky

Cheerio Loves,

Kayla D

on the pursuit of happiness

Posted on May 21, 2013

So my freshman year in college came and went with the blink of an eye. Reflecting back on my past year, I see how every experience was so instrumental in shaping the woman who I am becoming. Chosing Berkeley was by far the best decision of my life; and, ultimately proves that everything happens for a reason. Distinctly I can remember, getting my email notification of acceptance to UC Berkeley and being filled with pride and happiness. However, at the time, my parents were far more ecstatic than I, my Mama basically tattooed a sign to her forehead telling the world that her daughter had been accepted to Berkeley. My focus at the time was going to USC, but thankfully the finances did not pan out to make it an affordable option. So, I set my sights on Berkeley and have NEVER looked back.

Those of you who know me, remember how depressed I became towards the end of my senior year. From relentless bullying to a horrible break up, I dealt with it all. Graduation was a dawn of a new day for me. My family packed up and moved to Huntington Beach, I focused on the future, and happiness quickly followed suit.

Ian & I

Reflecting on my time at Berkeley thus far, I can easily say it has been the best part of my life. I am so incredibly grateful for the experiences that I am so fortunate to have been granted. Although not always easy, every aspect of it has served as an incredible lesson for me.


Academically, I have learned to be an independent go-getter. The competitive environment that manifests itself at Berkeley is tough to manage initially, but once you know where the resources are, you can easily tap into them and reach your full potential. For me, math has been so hard. Coming in with such limited calculus experience has near killed me, but I was able to get through it with a lot of help from the free tutoring services that are offered at Berkeley.


Living life in general without parents to guide me was a challenge in and of itself. I remember waking up the first morning in my dorm and wondering what I should do. Mom did not have breakfast waiting for me when I woke up… what a shocking dilemma! *Sarcasm* After a solid ten minutes of consideration, I opted to walk to Noah’s Bagels. Although a rather simple example, its rings true to my overall experience as an emerging independent woman. Also speaks volumes to how fortunate I was to grow up with such an amazing mama and stepdad by my side.


Socially, however, is probably the area which I learned the most. College gave me the opportunity to escape the confinement high school created for me. Constantly meeting new people was the most liberating feeling of my life and was at the forefront of my happiness. A few of these amazing people who I met, deserve a huge shout out and a whole lot of love from me.

Pam & I

Pamela Lagera: At CalSO, the student orientation, I met a girl who would quickly grow to become my best friend. From day one (though she claimed not to be boy crazy like myself) we were able to relate on all levels. Although more on the quiet side at first, she quickly emerged from her shell and now, well, cannot stop talking. Tehehehe… She has stood by me through thick and thin, we have been with eachother through every up and down, and our list of inside jokes reaches infinity. Basically we will have each other until the end, whether we like it or not.


Farzana Mohammed: Through my sales associate position at Labels Luxury Consignment, I was able to meet my “Big Sissy,” Farzana. Although I do not get to see her as much as I would like, her support and advice has been such an influential force in my life. Her unbounding compassion and love of life is absolutely contagious. She always knows the right thing to say (even if it stings!) and she can always put a smile on my face. Unfortunately we have no pictures together! We need to work on that!


Jazary Olvera: Although a more recent friendship, she has been an amazing mentor for me through the Latino Business Student Association at UC Berkeley. Always there to offer advice or give a little word of encouragement, she has saved me in this tiring path to Haas. My spring semester was a very draining time, but she helped me keep my eye on the prize and reminded me to stay focused. For helping me keep my priorities in check, I will forever be appreciative of her friendship. Best of luck to her at her Wall Street internship this summer.

Ian Utz: Luckily, he took me to Cal with him from high school. In fact, was one of the main people who persuaded me to choose UC Berkeley. I am eternally grateful to have him in my life. We do not see each other nearly enough, but I can always count on him for his honest opinion, his smile that lights up the room, and his conversation that quickly gets as deep as the deep blue sea. Friends like him are the ones that you always want to hold close to your heart.


The men. The boys. The losers who broke my heart.: To all of you, I have to credit quite a lot, surprisingly. You all know who you are and I am here to let you know that I have grown so much because of my experiences with you. Every mistake I made, every wall I let down too quickly, happened for a reason. Thank you for teaching me that I do not need any of you to define my success or to feel fulfilled in life.

My Parents: Last, but certainly not least, thank you to my parents for standing by my side on this crazy roller coaster. I know that it has not always been easy, but it has been so rewarding. I am so lucky to have you in my life, to guide from afar and to always be a phone call away. Your love on this journey has gotten me through some incredibly tough, exciting, and life altering times.


College has changed me in more ways than one. From altering my perception of life to transforming my goals, UC Berkeley has made me a new person; and, one that I am proud to be. Now as a college sophmore, I can say that I managed to juggle full-time academics, two jobs, and balance it with a socially life successfully. That is an accomplishment that I will always hold close to my heart. Working with Young Entrepreneurs at Haas, especially, has been very instrumental in developing my interests. Through this program I have become exceedingly interested in pursing a career that somehow brings aid to underprivilidged schools around the United States. Ultimately, Cal continues to shape my being on a daily basis and I am excited to see where these next three years take me.

So, cheers to that and all of the new experiences to come!


Cheerio Loves,

Kayla D


Posted on May 9, 2013

IMG_4320IMG_4342IMG_4345IMG_4321 Untitled-2web

These photos were taken a while back in the Mission District of San Francisco, by the beautiful and talented Chealsea Keenan. When she pointed out the backdrop, I admit that I was skeptical, but now, looking at the product, I love this photo series. Especially the first picture of my silhouette. Just aesthetically interesting! The dress is from Hey! Gorgeous Boutique, I have featured a few of their other dresses in my prior posts. The tights are from TopShop and the shoes (clearly my favorite pair in my extensive collection) are the Sam Edelman Knox Boots.

Well, my finals are calling my name! This study break has officially come to a close. Wish me luck, I need as much as I can get!

Cheerio Loves!


drops of jupiter in her hair

Posted on April 13, 2013

DSC_9169 High-res version

With so much constantly running through this busy body brain of mine, I often times struggle to figure out where to begin when putting my fingers to the keys. So, let’s start with one of the high points of my week… I was tweeted to by the lovely Elise of WTFab, another Bay Area lifestyle & fashion blogger, in regards to a list that ranked Bay Area fashion bloggers. The article was written by Her Campus and I cannot be more please to announce that my little internet baby was selected to be in the top 5! It is such an honor to be placed in the same realm as other amazing bloggers, who have poured their lives into this medium. With school consuming my life, it is near impossible for me to manage it (along with all of the hours I work) and blog on a daily basis. However, of the posts I have done, I really try to focus on generating high quality and engaging content. So happy to hear that people are checking in with me every once in a while and enjoy what I have to say. If you ever have any comments, questions, or suggestions, please fire away! I would love to hear.

With that being said, I want to share a little tale of a girl with dreams of being a fashion blogger… that almost dissipated due to internet cruelty, essentially bullying.

When I first started out posting pictures on my blogspot during the beginning of last summer, it was all new to me. I had a passion for photography, but no fashion photography experience. I loved fashion and styling, but had no formal training. I had the desire, but had no clue how to design a website…. html? css? uhhh, what language are you speaking? But, after much research and perseverance, (this girl was on a mission), I managed to create a humble beginning with a basic website and my first photo creations. Sure, I will be the first to admit they were not the best quality, maybe the pictures were cheesy, but it was an attempt… and I was improving with every post.

While on twitter, I stumbled upon some nasty comments amounting my work to a joke. Yes, I know, every blogger faces hate, and everyone will recieve criticism, but in the beginning when you start out, blogging is intimidating. “What are my friends going to think? Will boys call me crazy?” The term “blogger” itself has the stigma of some overly opinionated old man sitting in his pjs on the computer typing away with a bag of Doritos in his lap. But, despite all of the nerves, I decided to put myself out there. After seeing the comments I was definitely hurt and even considered terminating effort in my endeavor. But, after some cheering up from my friends and family I dusted myself off and went at it again.

Now, that I was recognized as one of the Top 5 Bloggers in the Bay Area, I am so happy that I did not let them get me down. Ultimately, the moral of the story is to not give up after a little obstacle. We have all heard that a number of times, but a little inspiration never hurt anyone. Now that I have been at this blogging effort for a few months now, I can say that I am entirely comfortable with it. No hesitations, no worries, just the excitement of posting what I am passionate about at the given moment. Truly is a great form of creative expression, y’all should give it a go. Or just go out and do what you love, because that will make life all the more worthwhile. Most importantly, do what Y-O-U want, because, as my homie Kid Cudi would say, “they’ll judge you anyway.”

So, onto the actual fashion of this post. I love, love, love the way that these pictures were edited… Thanks Chelsea! Like several of my pictures, these were taken in Haight Ashbury. My top was snatched from my mothers closet, the vest salvaged in the Pac Sun sale section, and the burgondy jeans are from TopShop. The boot are amazing and surprisingly comfortable; they were purchased last season from ModCloth… Not too sure where the cool bracelet/ring combo is from, I think my Mama picked it up for me at a boutique. Lastly, my head chain is from the Melrose Street Fair in Hollywood, only $16 bucks yo!


Cheerio Loves & Thanks again Her Campus!


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